Henna Brows

Signature Henna Brow Sculpt


Say goodbye to unruly brows and hello to beautifully sculpted brows with our Signature Henna Sculpt treatment. This luxurious treatment includes a nourishing and long-lasting henna tint, as well as a precise and personalized brow mapping method that will enhance your unique facial features. Wake up every day with perfect brows that frame your face and bring out your natural beauty.


Henna Brow Boost


Transform your brows with our Henna Brow Boost treatment. Using our signature brow mapping method, we'll enhance your brow pigment and give you a confidence boost that will last for weeks. This treatment is perfect for maintaining the stunning look achieved with our Signature Henna Brow Sculpt treatment, and can be repeated every four weeks to keep your brows looking their best.